Synaptic Ellipsis

Despite all the computations, you could just dance to that rock 'n' roll station…

After being double homeowners for 10 months, Scott & I are scheduled to close on our “summer home” (half a mile away from our new house) on March 18th. Only having to pay one mortgage (yay) will free up some cash for home improvements.

Our old house had a very nice tool bench that my dad built for us. There was also a room under the front porch where we could throw all of our tools & construction crap and put it out of sight. We do not have such a room in our new house, so when we moved we threw all of our tools & crap in a pile in the back of the garage.

Garage Before

This was very annoying, because, for instance, if I needed a caulking gun, finding one required digging through half a dozen storage bins, and then not finding it, and then looking though them again, and then finding it in the second bin I looked through the first time. Argh.

Scott & I measured the tool bench in our old house with thoughts of replicating it. It was constructed inside the room it is in, and is too big to remove without disassembling it. Then we went lumber shopping and determined the following:

  1. We do not own a vehicle in which we could easily transport the required materials
  2. Building a tool bench would require a bunch of digging through the storage bin vortex
  3. Building a tool bench would be a lot easier if we already had a tool bench
  4. My dad is a badass with a table saw, and we are not. (We don’t even have a table saw.)

So, we wandered around Lowe’s and found the Gladiator Garageworks stuff. Ooh, shiny… and on clearance!

Assembling the cabinets was pretty easy, and only required a few tools:

Cabinet Assembly

Taa Daa!

Cabinet Assembled

We connected the two cabinets with a bamboo work surface, and voilĂ ! Now the garage looks like this:


Ok, actually it looks like this:

Garage After

Next step: hanging stuff on the walls.