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Isabelle F. French, 1924 – 2014


My cousin Isabelle (once removed) passed away on March 1st.

Isabelle F. French

When I was growing up, she would visit her Aunt Marion (my grandmother) while she was travelling though Detroit on road trips.

I remember her dog, Marco Polo, and her modesty when we would talk about her accomplishments:

SWE Philadelphia Hall of Fame

National SWE Past Presidents

SWE Archive Interview with Elaine Pitts  (Transcript)

The last time I saw her was at the SWE National Conference in Birmingham, Alabama in 2003. She greeted me with a big smile and a big hug, and we went on a quest with a couple of her friends to find some good southern food.

She provided a great example of how to live with self integrity, and of how to be gracious and strong when doing so.

Isabelle Frances French – Obituary

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