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Sprawl, Sweet Sprawl


My husband and I went to a wedding in Detroit last weekend… well, actually White Lake, MI. The definition of Metro Detroit is ever-expanding, much like the associated suburban sprawl. We spent some time driving around the Waterford / White Lake area, and I couldn’t help but notice the repeating big box stores and housing plans.

I created a Google map that illustrates the distance between the neighborhood on the East Side where my Dad grew up to the hotel we stayed at for the wedding. I included a stop in Ferndale, because we visisted there, and also because Ferndale was developed in part because of the access to the city provided by Detroit Interurban Streetcars.

Metro Detroit job sprawl is the worst in the country. Access to the city doesn’t matter as much anymore, because the jobs have moved out of the city too. Where will the sprawl stop? Traverse City?


DISCLAIMER: I don’t live there anymore, so I’m not complaining… just wondering.


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