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August 3, 2017
by emily

Mom’s Best Banana Bread

My mother spent many iterations perfecting this recipe. The following is transcribed from her handwriting.

I suspect that my spouse strategically lets 2 bananas become overripe so that I will make this banana bread.

Sometimes I replace 1/4 cup of the flour with flaxseed meal, which is loaded with ALA Omega-3s and adds nutty flavor.

Mom’s BEST Banana Bread

Need 1 9×5″ loaf pan, greased & floured

Preheat oven to 350 F

In a large mixer bowl, cream together:

3/4 C sugar

1 stick butter, softened


2 eggs

2-3 RIPE mashed bananas

2 T lemon juice

1 T milk

1 t vanilla

In a separate bowl, whisk to combine:

2 C Flour

1 t baking soda

1/2 t salt

Blend dry ingredients into wet, half at a time. Stir until just blended.

Add 1 C chopped walnuts

Pour batter into pan evenly, until it is filled half way.

Bake 55 – 70 minutes, depending on oven, until a knife or toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Cool 10 min in pan.

Turn out & cool completely.

Wrap in aluminum foil & keep in fridge.

It is better the next day!



June 10, 2017
by emily

Swing Set

In mid-May, my spouse and I were notified by my in-laws that they had purchased a swing set, and that it would be delivered to our house in time for us to assemble it before our daughter’s 2nd birthday.  When it was delivered to our house on a Friday afternoon, the UPS driver had to call for back-up, and he and another driver worked together to carry the 10 ft box up our driveway and front steps. That left it to Scott and I to carry it into our backyard and cover the box with a tarp so that it didn’t get wet in the rain.

The next afternoon, I began assembly during our daughter’s nap. The Equinox Swing Set came with all of the necessary hardware, so I just grabbed a drill and the necessary tools and got started.

Unassembled Swingset

Assembly was pretty easy – a couple of A frames and a cross piece. Once I had the separate sections together and it was time to connect everything, my daughter had woken up and wanted to help out.

Mommy’s Little Helper

Scott helped me with the taller sections, and we bolted everything together. We replaced one of the included swings with a Little Tikes Snug & Secure* swing and we were ready to go! The first of many afternoons of parental swing servitude.

Fully Assembled Swingset

Seriously, our daughter loves the swing. Whee! Thanks G and Pap!

* It’s a good thing we didn’t get the pink one!

April 7, 2014
by emily

Isabelle F. French, 1924 – 2014

My cousin Isabelle (once removed) passed away on March 1st.

Isabelle F. French

When I was growing up, she would visit her Aunt Marion (my grandmother) while she was travelling though Detroit on road trips.

I remember her dog, Marco Polo, and her modesty when we would talk about her accomplishments:

SWE Philadelphia Hall of Fame

National SWE Past Presidents

SWE Archive Interview with Elaine Pitts  (Transcript)

The last time I saw her was at the SWE National Conference in Birmingham, Alabama in 2003. She greeted me with a big smile and a big hug, and we went on a quest with a couple of her friends to find some good southern food.

She provided a great example of how to live with self integrity, and of how to be gracious and strong when doing so.

Isabelle Frances French – Obituary